Applicant Tracking System ATS vs CRM tips for better recruitment

Better Recruitment (tips)

Tips for better recruitment: 1) ATS/CRM can help ATS/CRM can reduce the recruitment cycle time and make it more productive and effective. Moreover if you use a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software, it can be much more helpful.CRM are proactive in nature; where as ATS helps in defining the work flow and compliance.The cost of […]


What’s the difference between ATS and CRM?

What is the difference between an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Candidate Relationship Management Software (CRM) ? Both ATS and CRM focus on managing the candidates and database of the recruitment process. They complementary to each other. What is Applicant Tracing System? ATS will increase the productivity and fasten your recruitment process. ATS focuses on […]

Effectively conducting an interview

Conduct an effective job interview

Interviews can be a stressful affair for the job seekers. The job seeker may not perform best in this situation. You need to make sure that you try to get the best out of the candidate so that you do not miss out a good talent. You can these things in mind: – Make the […]

Virtual onboarding

Tips to conduct a successful virtual onboarding programme

Remote on boarding more commonly know as virtual onboarding is about ditching the conventional way of attending the introductory meetings at the company and instead having a video conference (VC).The new normal is turning the employers to take the virtual onboarding route to onboard the new hires. The current crisis may shape up the existing […]

Applicant Tracking System

TRMS more than just an ATS!

Applicant Tracking System more commonly abbreviated as ATS is a tool designed to ease the recruitment process of an organization.ATS enables the recruiters and hiring managers to have a centralized database where they can keep track of all the active job openings in their organization, manage and track candidates and create a private talent pool […]

covid 19 job loss

Job loss because of covid 19?

  image source:   The International Labour Organization (ILO) has estimated a loss of 400 million full-time jobs because of the pandemic caused by Novel corona virus. It will take some time for all these people who have lost their jobs to find a new job or generate another stream of revenue. Everyone knows that […]

job portal

The ultimate Free job portal !

How many websites have you visited looking for ‘Free Job Posts’ ? A ton..I know…..every time clicking on a new website hoping to get free job postings and all you get is a very few free job postings or none with limited visibility and limited data access . Looking at the job portals in India, […]

Zodiac Sign and career

What does your zodiac sign say about your career ?

I believe that there is always a reason for anything or any event to happen on this planet . And an event as important as your birth surely tells something. You always feel attracted to certain type of job or category of a job. This is because a person attracts the same vibes or situations […]