Third party deputation services

Gig Economy is a Baby named for Temporary Staffing Or Fixed term Staffing: for Skilled, Semi Skilled and ‘Little Skilled’ talent
Talent searched by HUNT N HIRE may work at your site / offices / plants ; who maybe on our pay roll.This helps you in optimization of procuring talent to paying for them.

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The derivatives of partnering with HUNT N HIRE for fixed term staffing:

Your time maybe invested in your business processes, contributing to support the business goals, Corporate goals’ alignment ,Support management for better productivity and freedom from financial inputs for payment being made to temp. Staff.
Blended workforce for better outputs and reduced input costs
Offers a good scope to retain the top and performing talent
Hired talent gets a chance to decide if the employer is a good fit for their personal and professional development

No talent Shortage, No Undue Liabilities, Resources at Right Cost, No Undue Delay in on boarding talent for fixed term employment

1. Client’s specifications of talent requirement: Readily Provided by HUNT N HIRE to you
2. Clients choice for selecting and finalizing “ on boarding of required talent for the fixed term”
3. Client’s decision about the period of employment : No liabilities beyond the project completion / Task accomplishment
4. Client’s freedom from all the risks of permanent employment; if not desired

ON THE GO: Can always take the performing talent on board for permanent employment as per agreed terms !

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