Applicant Tracking System

TRMS more than just an ATS!

Applicant Tracking System more commonly abbreviated as ATS is a tool designed to ease the recruitment process of an organization.ATS enables the recruiters and hiring managers to have a centralized database where they can keep track of all the active job openings in their organization, manage and track candidates and create a private talent pool for themselves.

Hunt N Hire has developed a Total Recruitment & Management Solutions(TRMS). TRMS is an End To End HR Solutions software. Or SaaS helps you centralize your entire recruitment process with it’s efficient and user interface so easy that you could navigate through with your eyes shut !


Our Features

  1. Unlimited Job Slots
  2. Create private talent pool
  3. Easily store CVs with our parser
  4. Receive Video response from candidates
  5. Schedule Interviews
  6. Send Mails to candidates
  7. Track and Change the status of the candidates
  8. Download automatically filled tracker
  9. Keep notes for each candidate
  10. On boarding process
  11. Generate invoices
  12. Agreements and Contracts record

Total Recruitment & Management Solutions(TRMS) much more than just an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) , to understand this ,let’s broadly classify the end to end recruitment process as below:

Job Vacancy:
-Access our job portal to have free access our resume database along with free job postings.
-Our unique feature segregates the job applications for you as per their relevance.

-You can create your own private talent pool for each of the positions.
-Store CVs for all positions apart from our website
-Parser automatically fills all the data fields for you

-Get video response from candidates
-Schedule the interviews with few clicks
-Get notification reminders for interviews
-Multiple confirmations with candidates to avoid No Show
-Send mails to candidates

-At a glance overview of all the candidates
-Change selection status of candidates
-Download an automatically filled tracker for the job openings
-Add remarks for your future reference
-Send mails to candidates

On boarding:
-Get the required documents
-Send Offer letter to candidates
-Share the company profile
-Generate invoices
-Contracts and agreements record


If anything else is required, we would me more than happy to help. Get in touch with us today.

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