Virtual onboarding

Tips to conduct a successful virtual onboarding programme

Remote on boarding more commonly know as virtual onboarding is about ditching the conventional way of attending the introductory meetings at the company and instead having a video conference (VC).The new normal is turning the employers to take the virtual onboarding route to onboard the new hires.
The current crisis may shape up the existing work culture differently . Virual onboarding and Work from home(WFH) may be widely accepted by many employers.There are all the chances for the productivity to increase as they are sitting in an environment they are comfortable in and as we all know ‘mind is like a parachute, works best when open’.

Employers may adapt WFH for the possible of employee count as it reduces their infrastructure cost.
Have a look at following points,it might help you if are going to conduct a virtual onboarding:

1. Pre-onboarding
Have a pre-onboarding meet-up.The onboarding day for your new employee should not be the first time he is interacting with his team and other members in the organization. Try to have a casual meal together with the team over a video call of course. This introductory meeting can start the bonding between the colleagues-to-be.

2. Contacting people for xyz
This prevents the joinee from being clueless.Give them a complete list of whom they can contact for various questions or issues they may have. Give the respective IT person’s number to the new joinee to contact to if he has any issue pertaining to IT. Similarly have a complete list of people to be contacted for various purposes.

3. Equip them beforehand
Make sure your new employee has been sent the required hardware few days before his joining date so they can keep their devices all set up and ready. Mail them the documents of benefits and legalities beforehand. This will give them sufficient time to go through it and understand it.

4. Understanding the work culture and company goals
It is very important that they understand the work culture of the company. The need to align themselves with the culture of the company and the goals of the company. It might take some time for them to understand the company culture because of the limited interacting ways.

5. Signing the documents
E-signing of the documents shall save a lot of time.

6. Provide a mentor
A mentor will help the joinee in getting along with the team

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