Executive Search

Executive search is a specialized type of recruitment service aimed at attracting highly skilled senior management talent to plug in strategically important leadership roles like CEO, CFO, COO, CHRO (CPO), CIO and maybe (Senior) Vice President.

For sure, these roles need to be closed with the best and most productive right fit talent.
HUNT N HIRE Executive Search team seeks out the perfect match for both; the role and the company.
Our long term relationship (since 1997) with the best talent available in markets, may allow us to present them with details of role, employer’s business plans, desired skills for specific role, career growth along with development plans, Salary numbers and many more points. This will help us spot the right fit talent.

Value Addition:
* Detailing of employer’s requirements and digestion of the same to apply the strategic search for effectively right fit talent.
* Research driven and detailing based mapping of available talent and the demands of the role for the suggested business plans.
* Benchmark the talent for the specific roles.
* Strong connectivity and acumen to assess talent pool, since 1997.

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