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The ultimate Free job portal !

How many websites have you visited looking for ‘Free Job Posts’ ? A ton..I know…..every time clicking on a new website hoping to get free job postings and all you get is a very few free job postings or none with limited visibility and limited data access .

Looking at the job portals in India, the charges vary anywhere from INR 200 per job post going all the way up to INR 2000 per job post.


Let’s address the elephant in the room !

We at are providing UNLIMITED FREE JOB POSTS!

What’s more?
You get Free Regular/Hot Job posts as well.

There’s more to it…We give free database access to all the members.

All that we want in return is that you share TWO CENTS (not literally two cents..I mean your views..just to clarify.. 🙂 LOL) about our website.

So basically its the WHOLE KIT AND CABOODLE for FREE!

To get your unlimited free job posts and unlimited database access….Follow the steps as below ….

Step 1:
Go to home page

Step 2:
Register for free on the employer page
Log in if you have already registered.

Step 3:
Fill in all the details.
Verify your email address

Step 4:
Upon registering for the first time you will get 110 free job posts by default i.e.
100 regular job posts + 10 hot job posts

I bet that is as easy as it gets!

Happy Job Posting to you!

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