Applicant Tracking System ATS vs CRM tips for better recruitment

Better Recruitment (tips)

Tips for better recruitment:
1) ATS/CRM can help

ATS/CRM can reduce the recruitment cycle time and make it more productive and effective. Moreover if you use a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software, it can be much more helpful.CRM are proactive in nature; where as ATS helps in defining the work flow and compliance.The cost of CRM can be higher than that of an ATS.
This helps in digitizing and centralizing your recruitment process.It increases the transparency in the process and can see updates anytime,anywhere you like.

2) Define the Job Role and Budget clearly

You need to have a proper Job Description in place for the available job vacancy.This will act as a reference and will prevent you from making a wrong hire with less of relevant experience. Try not to cross the CTC budget, later on may become difficult to justify.Clearly define the skill set you need and the sectorial experience the potential candidate has to have. You may want to compromise a little bit on the CTC but never compromise on the Skill set and relevant experience.

3) Don’t take forever to close the position

You cannot take forever to fill the job vacancy. Try to close the position in the optimum time. It may take a little bit longer for senior positions. Taking longer than required may reduce the job seeker’s interest in the as well.

6) Don’t look for ‘mini me’

People usually tend to like other people who are like their own-self. When hiring a candidate avoid this.Keep your decisions unbiased. You may end up making a wrong hire if you are searching for ‘mini me’ as your job and role is different from the candidate your will be having.

At the end of the day, you always have professional consultants like ourselves (Hunt N Hire) who can help you make the right hire.You might have to shell off a small amount of fees but it’s totally views.

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